Colliders are only available for 2D effects.

Colliders act as objects particles collide with and consist of connected line segments. Add colliders using the object browser, the main menu or alternatively, by holding CTRL and left-clicking on the scene view. You can then set the new collider's vertices with additional clicks.

Scene Collider


The following properties can be adjusted in the property panel to change the behavior of a collider.


LifetimeTime period during which the collider is active. If Repeat is selected, the collider stays active.
VerticesList of vertices that form the connected line segments of the collider. You can add and remove vertices using the context menu (right-click).
Exclusion ListList of particle types not affected by the collider. Add and remove particle types via the context menu (right-click).


BounceHow strongly particles bounce back from the collider.
FrictionHow much particles are slowed down when sliding down the collider.