Effect Preview

The interactive effect preview shows the effect in motion. Each object you add shows up in the effect preview. If you select one of those objects, its properties are shown in the property panel. The preview is interactive, so may move and manipulate objects while the effect is playing.

Particle Emitters

Particle emitters are shown with a white box in the center that is used to reposition the emitter. Use the small circular knobs on the edges of the emission area to change its size.

Preview Emitters

Force Fields

Force fields are shown in red, either as a circle for point forces or as a rectangle for area forces. You can reposition a force field using the small circle in the middle. For area forces, the arrow points in the primary force direction. Use the small circular knobs to change the size of the force area.

Preview Force Field


Colliders are shown as yellow lines. To manipulate the position of colliders, drag the vertices between the line segments.

Preview Collider


Similar to particle emitters, sprites can be repositioned by moving the small box in the center. In order to change width and height, use the knobs at both edges.

Preview Sprite

Motion Paths

With motion paths you can control how emitters, particles, force fields and sprites move over time. Motion paths are defined by waypoints, which you can add, remove and move as you like. To start editing a motion path, select the corresponding Position property in the property panel.

To manually add waypoints, right-click on an empty spot in the effect preview. Right-click to remove it again. Waypoints can be repositioned by moving them in the effect preview. To change the timing of each waypoint and the path interpolation, use the keyframe editor.

Motion paths can be drawn as well. Click next to the Position property and then move the mouse over the effect preview while holding the left mouse button. This automatically adds waypoints along the path you draw.

Motion Path


Mouse Wheel (Scroll)Adjust the zoom.
Mouse Wheel (Hold down)Move the viewpoint.
SpacePause/Resume the simulation.
SHIFT+SpaceRestart the simulation.
WMove the viewpoint down.
SMove the viewpoint up.
AMove the viewpoint to the right.
DMove the viewpoint to the left.
RZoom out.
TZoom in.