Getting Started

Pixelpart is an application that helps you design visual effects, which you can either use directly in game engines using various plugins or export to sprite sheets, videos and animated images.

Visual effects are rendered using particles, the basic visual elements in Pixelpart. You can control how particles move and look and even simulate natural forces like gravity, wind and collisions acting on them. Particles are created by emitters that determine where and how particles are spawned. By combining multiple emitters it is possible to create complex effects with particles that have different appearances and behaviors. A typical workflow for creating new effects starts by adding emitters from the large collection of presets in the object list, but you can also start off from one of the complete effect examples via the main menu. Then, modify the properties of emitters and particles to achieve the desired look. You can also add force fields and colliders to the effect to influence the motion of particles.

After you have created an effect, you have two options to use it outside of Pixelpart:

  • Render the effect to a sprite sheet, an image sequence, an animated image or a video and import the resulting animation into other programs.
  • Save the effect and directly import it into game engines using the provided runtime plugins.