Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation allows you to animate properties of objects over time and can be used to let emitters spin in circles, to make particles bigger and smaller over their lifespan and for other complex behavior. To edit a property's keyframes, select the corresponding property name in the property panel, which is then highlighted to indicate that it is being edited. The Keyframe Editor now shows the animation keyframes of the selected property. Your edits are applied in real-time to the effect.

A property can be defined with a number of keyframes that determine how it changes over time. You can add a new keyframe by right-clicking inside the keyframe editor. A right-click on an existing keyframe removes it. To move keyframes, simply drag them around with the mouse. The timing can be adjusted more precisely in the small timeline above the main editor frame. Note that properties can also have multiple components, like the size (width, height) of particles. Select which component you want to edit with the buttons in the toolbar above the editor.

Additional actions are shown above the editor and in the menu accessible via :

InterpolationThe interpolation defines how values between keyframes are calculated.
None: Values change abruptly between keyframes.
Linear: Values are interpolated linearly.
Spline: Values are interpolated with Spline interpolation producing smooth transitions.
AddAdd a new keyframe at the current cursor position.
RemoveRemove the selected keyframe.
EraseRemove all keyframes, setting the property to a constant value.
CopyCopy keyframes to the clipboard.
PasteReplace keyframes with the ones in the clipboard.
ScrollScroll the graph by clicking and dragging the mouse.
ZoomAdjust the zoom level by clicking and dragging the mouse.
Reset ViewReset zoom and scrolling.
Grid SpacingAdjust the distance between grid lines in the keyframe editor.
Snap to GridToggle snapping keyframes to the grid.
Open Script Editor...Generate keyframes by writing scripts with the Lua scripting language.

Keyframe Editor