Main Menu

The main menu contains important functions like saving and loading projects, exporting effects and controlling the effect playback.

File Menu

New Project...Create a new project, replacing the current one.
Open Project...Load a project from file.
Add Project...Add objects of another project to the current project without deleting anything.
SaveSave the project.
Save As...Save the project under a new filename.
Render...Open the render dialog to render and export effects.
Preferences...Open the preference dialog to modify global settings.
CloseClose the application.

Edit Menu

UndoUndo the last action.
RedoRedo a previously undone action.
CopyCopy the animation data of the selected property to the clipboard.
PastePaste copied animation data to the selected property.
VisibleShow/hide the selected object.
DuplicateClone the selected object.
RemoveRemove the selected object.
Add Sub-EmitterAdd a new particle emitter as a sub-emitter of the selected one.
Add EmitterAdd a new particle emitter.
Add SpriteAdd a new sprite.
Add ForceAdd a new force field.
Add ColliderAdd a new collider.

Simulation Menu

PlayResume the effect playback.
PausePause the effect playback.
RestartRestart the effect playback.
PlaybackSet the playback speed.
LoopSet the time after which the effect restarts automatically.

View Menu

Zoom InZoom in by 10%.
Zoom OutZoom out by 10%.
Reset ViewReset zoom to 100% and center view.
Fit to FrameFit the effect into the field of view.
ResolutionChange the image resolution.
BackgroundChange the background color.
Image Effects...Open the list of active image effects.
Show BackgroundShow/hide background color.
Show Image EffectsTurn image effects on/off.
Show ForcesShow/hide force fields in the effect preview.
Show CollidersShow/hide colliders in the effect preview.
Show Debug InformationShow/hide debugging information in the effect preview.

Help Menu

Documentation...Open the documentation.
About...Show information about the application.