Sprites are additional visual elements you may want to include in an effect, like background images. Unlike particles, there is exactly one instance of each sprite. The following properties can be adjusted in the property panel to influence the look and behavior of a sprite.


LifetimeTime period during which the sprite is active. If Repeat is selected, the sprite stays active.
WidthWidth of the sprite.
HeightHeight of the sprite.
OrientationOrientation of the sprite in degrees. The option Align With Path causes the sprite to always turn in the direction of its motion path.


MaterialDefines what material the sprite uses for rendering. The default material applies a texture to the sprite, blending it with the given color. If you want to customize the appearance of the sprite beyond switching textures and changing colors, open the shader graph editor by clicking Shader Graph.... The parameters of shader can be accessed quickly with .
Blend ModeHow the sprite is composed with other objects in the effect.
LayerLayer the sprite is drawn on. Objects on upper layers occlude those on lower layers.
ColorThe color of the sprite over its lifetime, displayed as a color gradient. Double-click or right-click the color bar to add another color. Double-clicking a color mark lets you choose its color, right-clicking removes it. To change the position of color marks, move them with the mouse.
OpacityOpacity of the sprite over its lifetime.


PositionPosition of the sprite. You can also specify a motion path along which the sprite travels over its lifetime.
PivotThe center of rotation, relative to the sprite's center.